Heyya =) My name is Chelsea Trent. I'm 21. I live in Maryland. I am a booking agent for JRS Solutions LLC. I love music, movies/tv shows, cats, having fun, and hosting events.
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My Awesome-Con 2014 Review

Attended Saturday April 19, 2014

Me and my friend started out with $175 together. The first parking garage I found near the convention center had a man standing outside the entrance with a fancy work vest asked if we are looking to park for the convention center. That cost $20. We drove in and grabbed a ticket, which I assumed it was something you put on your dashboard for proof you paid. When we got inside the convention center, we bought our tickets. That went pretty easily and I felt excited as I went up the steps. All the venders looked great, I really enjoyed looking around. We saw the Tardis prop and thought maybe we could go inside it like other people were. Turns out you have to pay $10 to come near it (for a picture). Hmm. We split chicken tenders and fries for $10 and a lemonade for $4.50, which is not surprising as it was expected as it’s the same at all events. We started hearing staff members say “No pictures please!” at Nicholas Brendan’s and Billie Piper’s autograph booth. I was started to wonder what I was paid $30 for. We heard a staff member saying something about $20 to meet Billie Piper even though in the program says it costs $50. Or perhaps she meant we’d have to pay that to take a distant picture? We got in line for Billie Piper’s autograph booth nonetheless. My friend bought me a print at the Doctor Who store booth for her to sign for $5. But then Billie had to go to the photo ops and then the Q&A. I decided maybe I would rather see the Q&A so we left to try to find the Q&A room. After an hour of searching for the room, I saw a very long line from the room area. I knew there was no way we could see any of the Q&A and neither the long line of people standing outside the room. A new huge rush of crowd came in that it was like swimming to get around. I lost my friend in the huge wave of people but eventually I found him in line at the Billie Piper autograph booth holding our new spot there. Got some ice cream for $6 form one of the venders which took about 30 minutes. The food lines looked just as bad as Billie’s line later on. Met some cool people in line. 2 hours later we finally got to meet Billie which was pretty damn cool. She seems really nice. And of course it cost $50. As we we were running very low on money, my friend bought something he wanted at one of the venders for $10. We were only left with $10 and the crowds were ridiculous to get through so we decided to leave early (about 5pm). You always need to be sure to bring a lot of money to events like these but not everyone is as fortunate. I get renting the center for the event is expensive (especially in DC) as well as the decorations and getting the celebrity guests here. Hosting an event is not easy or cheap. Lastly, as we left the parking garage, we gave them our claim ticket and we were told we owe $17. I explained we already paid $20 and they denied it. After arguing for 10 minutes they decided to do us a “favor” and let us go by with just the $10 we had. Very fishy. I have been to events where parking is paid first with men in vests and ones where parking is paid when you leave but never both. I don’t know if which one was the scammer or if there was a huge lack of communication for the parking garage. I know I can’t be the only one since people came right before and after me. Anyone reading this dealt with this?

You all have a great day. Thanks for reading.

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