Heyya =) My name is Chelsea Trent. I'm 21. I live in Maryland. I am a booking agent for JRS Solutions LLC. I love music, movies/tv shows, cats, having fun, and hosting events.
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"Hello Nick. Guy who saved my life. Guy who screwed my wife." [x]

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New Artist // The Griswolds

          This Australian band started in 2012 is quickly making their way to America. Our first encounter with the Griswolds started with a twitter follow after a Vampire Weekend concert. Short after, we immediately bought their EP Heart of a Lion and followed them back. The Griswolds describe themselves as “tequila-inspired party pop,” and rightfully so. If you’re looking for some upbeat, sunny jams for the summer, look no further. Their hit single “Mississippi” almost begs you to get outside with their bright synth, catchy chorus, and fast beats. Just the same, “The Courtship of Summer Preasley” hands you a swimsuit and drags you to the beach with their tropical guitar licks and sweet, youthful vocals.

          The Griswolds plan on releasing their debut album, Be Impressive, this August, and are touring along with Miniature Tigers around the US and Canada this summer to share their tunes with new found fans. Their two newest singles include “Beware the Dog” and their album’s most recent single, “Down and Out.” Full of lively, pop synthesizers, and sing-a-long chants, “Down and Out” is sure to hype up listeners for the album, and “Beware the Dog” follows the classic beach-pop sound. The Aussie band find a way to make the lyric, “now you’re f*cking crazy,” amongst other slights feel endearing and innocent despite the Spotify and iTunes ugly red “explicit” icon. Beach Boys and Vampire Weekend inspired, the Griswolds are giving you the soundtrack to the summer.

                                   See if they’re playing near you!

Dana Leah McCloskey


I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

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Send me a confession that you’ve always wanted to say to me on Anon. Don’t worry about giving me hints or telling me who you are. Just tell me something you’ve always wanted to say to me but haven’t had the courage to say.



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